If you are interested in Chromatography and in particular in Size Exclusion Chromatography (often understood as HPLC of Polymers), you will find here our full range of complete GPC/SEC systems and instruments designed to fullfill the most demanding applications. Starting with systems for routine analysis to multi-detector GPC/SEC for structure analysis and research of complex compounds. Whether your focus is on synthetic-, bio- polymers or proteins, WGE offers the best solution for your task.

All instruments of the SEC-3010 series are equipped with a brilliant, 4.3" full graphic LCD display with touch panel which make instruction manuals obsolete. Impressive specs in a small footprint, this is our mission. We believe in performance and we believe in design. Select the SEC-3010 instrument you need to solve your application and choose among 4 available designs in red, blue, green and brushed steel.

All instruments of the SEC-3010 series provide two analog inputs for connection of third party detectors and gateway these signals to the ParSEC GPC/SEC Software. All our systems are modular, providing full functionality with greatest flexibility. Each system can be expanded with additional detectors if necessary, anytime this is required.

The batch methods section opens the gates to particle sizing and zeta potential determination for any possible field, from quality control to industrial and academic research. Brookhaven Instruments Corp. cutting edge technology in these fields is the solid base for the solution of any analytical problem you might have to master.

If you do not have the time to browse our product range but have a question or need support, just use the inquiry button below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.