The internet gives access to a massive amount of information and a number of different search engines are constantly working to find every available piece of it. However, searching the net is sometimes extremely time consuming and frustrating, as the process of data mining within results of a search is (fortunately) still left to the human. We have collected here articles, white papers and short explanations which might be of interest for all those working in macromolecule characterisation via gel permeation chromatography or batch methods.

We tried not to overload this section and picked those papers we considered relevant when decisions about one or another technique must be made. You can also find a few Application notes describing solution of specific problems. This section will grow as we want to communicate as much as possible about our experiences. If you would like to contribute with a own paper or application note, please feel free to submit it to us. We will be glad to evaluate and present it to the scientific community.