PolyRMC GPC Academy

November 1, 2011, A. Reed,

PolyRMC’s GPC Academy recently completed its fall 2011 session. Attendees from all over the United States with diverse applications ranging from proteins to polyeolefins learned GPC theory, background, and practical hands-on techniques.

Mike Drensky


We grow once again

October 12, 2011, C. Dessy,

Our distribution network has grown again;
Last month Dr. Christian Dauwe joined our Team, now a further expert is with us: From now on, Dr. Gerhard Heinzmann is your partner for South Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Over more than 10 years, Dr. Heinzmann has taken care of products of a well-known manufacturer in the field of Chromatography, Viscometry und light Scattering. His activities and Publications in the field are well known and accepted. His experience improves the abilities of WGE Dr. Bures in supporting clients and customers with their applications.
You can get in touch with Dr. Heinzmann at +49 176 561 411 20 or via email at gerhardheinzmann(at)

WGE Newsletters

September 18, 2011, C. Dessy,

It's finally here, we'll keep you informed about the new developments of WGE, fairs and events where we will participate, and more. Registration is required, just follow the link:

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